Therapist specializing in trauma therapy for first responders to include EMDR

Arizona- Jennifer Cooper, LPC, NCC:

Montana- Gypsy Ray, LCSW,LLC:
Montana- Brandon Spangler, LCSW:

Non-Profit 501(c)(3) - The Overwatch Collective
Instagram: @theoverwatchcollective

National Organizations supporting first responders through advocacy, training, and 24/7 crisis support

Copline- 1-800-267-5463 for 24/7 crisis support and for general information go to

Throttle & Thrive- Detox, Substance Misuse & Mental Health Facility Exclusively For First Responders & Veterans or 805-701-1309

Warriors Heart (Private treatment for military/first responders)
For detailed information call 1-844-327-5310 or go to

Organizations helping military/first responders be successful both during and after their service

Next Shift- Adapting to Life After Law Enforcement or 816-838-9855 Instagram @_nextshift_

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